20-Somethings: Have Your Diamonds And Your Cheetos Too

So there’s this thing that happens in your early 20s, later if you’re one of the lucky ones: slowly but surely, your Facebook feed turns from drunken party pics and throwbacks into engagement pics and baby announcements. Gasp! THE HORROR!

It’s a frightening reminder that even when we stop to watch Game of Thrones for a few hours (days) life is racing full speed ahead.

For every one of us 20-somethings that’s eating Cheetos out of the bag for breakfast, there’s another shopping for matching furniture and dish towels. Or whatever it is that adults buy at Target??

For every one of us that spends all of Saturday recuperating from Friday, there’s another spending the day planning for her wedding.

And while I like to think of myself as part of the former group, I’m a realist. Deep down inside, a part of me knows that 23 ain’t gonna last forever. Maybe some of our peers are further ahead in this game of life than we are but we’re all moving forward.

And I won’t lie; I might’ve casually browsed engagement rings while eating said Cheetos. (But definitely not while watching Game of Thrones. THAT deserves all of my attention.) I’ve been dating my guy for a few years and while I’m REALLY not ready for an engagement right now, I know that it’ll be here before I know it.

So for all those people out there that are in the market for a diamond, like now. I’ve got a scoop for you!

RareCarat is the coolest, easiest, most efficient way to find a quality diamond in your budget. They compare diamonds from 20 retailers all over the world. It really is the Kayak of diamonds!

They make it easy to set parameters for not only price but quality and standards as well. You can choose the cut, carat, clarity, color, and a bunch of other fancy things! They even let you choose where the diamond’s certification came from.

Now I know that all those words are, at the very least, incredibly daunting to most of us but with RareCarat, it’s seriously so easy!

Millenials rejoice! As we cross the final threshold into adulting, we can officially spend less time looking for a quality ring and more time taking selfies with it. Or putting it off a little longer while we finish just one more episode.

So whether you’re shopping for the one ring to rule them all or you’re secretly perusing in the dark, RareCarat.com is the place to be!

Either way, hit me up on Twitter @starternoise with your best 20-something struggle.

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