How To Combat Burnout During a Pandemic

Feeling the burnout?

A poll of just over 1,000 U.S. workers by Eagle Hill Consulting found that 45% experience burnout. The phenomenon has become so commonplace over recent years that the World Health Organization classified it as an occupational phenomenon and labeled it a symptom of chronic stress at work. 

Now that there’s a pandemic going on, we’re all feeling some stress. So how can you as an entrepreneur combat burnout and cope with stressors exacerbated by COVID-19? 

Make a point to move.

It’s not always easy to find the motivation to exercise when things are stressful and we’re cooped up, but there are small actions you can take to keep moving throughout the day. This can be tough when working from home. 

Make a point to get up and walk around every hour or two, and take opportunities to step outside if the weather is nice. Even your eyes deserve some movement. Give them a break from staring into a laptop and give yourself space for physical relaxation.

Set boundaries around your news intake.

It is important to be informed, but constant news updates can take a real toll on your emotional and mental health. Consider spending a little less time cruising the news each day. Make a point to balance things out with some good news and lighter content that you enjoy. 

Travel and Leisure has a good news list that’s certain to combat that burnout and make you feel a little lighter, and Today has a dedicated category for inspirational, uplifting, funny and happy news, photos, videos, and more. My personal favorite is Architectural Digest to take a break from an excel sheet and enjoy the dream of renovating the space I have spent so much time in as of late. 

Don’t be ashamed to do something “mindless.”

COVID-19 has given us large chunks of time to fill. It’s great to fill it by being productive, but it has also created opportunities for relaxation and “zoning out.” Moments without productivity don’t have to be negative. 

Binge-watch your favorite Apple TV+ show (I’m currently enjoying The Morning Show). Give yourself some time cozying up with a book. Even giving yourself permission to stare out the window for a moment can not only be stress and burnout relieving, but it can also put you in a good headspace. 


Meditating is an incredible way to both avoid and combat burnout. As a matter of fact, In fact, a number of highly successful entrepreneurs swear by meditation. It’s proven to decrease blood pressure, lower heart rate, lower anxiety, and decrease stress. 

It can be done anywhere at any time, and there are a variety of apps and videos that can be used to guide you in meditation. Headspace, Calm, Insight Timer, and Aura are among the apps that can help guide you through meditation

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