3 Inspirational Videos Everyone Should Watch

Inspiration is one of the key tools to achieving success. Sometimes we need something to pump us up so we can put in hard work and extra hours. For all of the young entrepreneurs and startups putting in long hours out there today, here are three short videos to inspire you to be awesome and successful.

  1. The Road to Success


Startup companies and entrepreneurs understand the difficult road to success as much as anyone. It can be long and difficult but absolutely worth it in the end. The speaker in this video says, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” This video stresses the desire for achievement and the difficult but incredibly rewarding journey to success.

  1. Your Life in Jellybeans


This video emphases the importance of making the most of your time. Whether you’re at work, at school, with family, or out with friends, we must make the most of every second. When you’re in the office, do your best work. When you’re cooking, make your best food. When you’re driving to work, belt Whitney Houston songs as loud as you want. Do whatever it takes to make every single second of your life important and special.

  1. Success Means Risk


In this commencement speech, actor Charlie Day gives advice to all of the young graduates of Merrimack College that every entrepreneur and startup company should hear. In his speech, Day says, “You do not have to be fearless, just do not let fear stop you.” Every company started with someone taking a risk, someone overcoming his or her fear of failure. Fear is in all of us. Fear is human. Fear can stop us from doing what makes us great. We all have the ability to overcome fear, and we all have the opportunity to take a risk to be great.

One might believe inspiration just comes from successful people, from powerful people, television shows, movies, from books, or music. Inspiration can certainly come from all of those, but we cannot limit ourselves to thinking those are the only ways to become inspired. Inspiration comes from our own success, from our own failure. It can come from the random person we see giving leftovers to a homeless person on his or her way back to work. It can come from surprising yourself by doing something you never thought you could. Yes, inspiration can certainly come from videos and celebrities, but we are surrounded by inspiration every day, we just have to notice it.

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