5 Hobbies of Successful Entrepreneurs

Hobbies For Entrepenerus

Having a hobby is important—perhaps more important than ever.

All of us have activities that we love to do in our spare time. It may seem like right now, you have more free time than ever before while practicing social distancing.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs, why not pick-up a new hobby to help stimulate your mind or get your body moving? Here are 5 hobbies of successful entrepreneurs.


Chess is most certainly a brain-stimulating hobby. Entrepreneurs often enjoy a challenge and the game of chess provides just that. The game requires players to take risks and be spontaneous—two characteristics of any successful entrepreneur.


Expand your knowledge-base by reading. Whether you enjoy fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, or history—pick up a book and let your mind explore new thoughts & ideas. Reading daily can let you dive into new topics and ideas that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Plus, you will improve your cognitive skills and sharpen your memory.


Golf is a perfect sport to get in a little exercise, stimulate your brain, and practice safe social distancing. Likewise, getting outside and spending the afternoon with plenty of fresh air can help reduce stress. Whether playing with friends, family or business partners, golf can be a great opportunity to network and get to know other like-minded individuals.


Wake up early and get in a run. Whether you jog at a park nearby or jump on a treadmill, running can provide a time for you to clear your mind and think through what you want to accomplish during the day. Not to mention, it takes quite a bit of discipline to carve out time in the morning to devout to you and your body.


Play an instrument? If not, why not try to learn? You could invest in a keyboard or ukulele and teach yourself how to play. With so many options online to access free music lessons, it seems like a no-brainer if you have extra time on your hands. Plus playing instruments can help enlighten your creative side and get your brain working in new ways.

Don’t let your newly found time go to waste. Right now is an incredible opportunity to pick-up a new hobby and let your mind and body grow. Let us know what your favorite hobby is @StarterNoise.

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