5 Products For The New Year’s Eve Hangover

The perfect products to start 2017 the right way.

  1. Ficks Cocktail’s 

Cocktail mixes packed with vitamins and electrolytes to ensure a hangover-less morning. With mixes like Lemondrop, Margarita and Moscow Mule, your only job is to add your favorite alcohol. With Ficks you will avoid the headache of mixing drinks and the headache after drinking.

  1. The Hangover Heaven Bus 

Introducing the ultimate mobile hangover cure: The Hangover Heaven Bus. Equipped with a lounge, kitchenette, private beds and your very own IV, the experience is guaranteed to relieve a night of Vodka Red Bull’s and regret. The only thing better would be an IV of McDonald’s diet coke. Let’s get on that, McDonalds.

  1. AfterPartyPal 

Completely eliminate the recovery day by taking three dissolving tablets the night of drinking. Simply take one tablet before drinking, one during and one after and you won’t even feel like you were drinking the night before. But you were. You definitely were. They also offer 100% money back guarantee, which is important because that hangover wasn’t free.

  1. Joe’s Hangover Recovery Shot 

The last shot always hurts the most, but not anymore. Joe’s Hangover Recovery Shot relieves, recovers and re-energizes you after a night out. It will be the best shot you take in the past 12 hours.

  1. Hangover Helpers 

Hosted a New Years Eve party this year? The Hangover Helpers have your back. While you are too hung over to move the Hangover Helpers will clean up any evidence of a party. If cleaning isn’t enough, they’ll also cook you a “greasy” or “green” breakfast. You just have to decide whether you want to start 2017 greasy and hung over or green and hung over.

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