The 5 Rules of Social Media Marketing

All startups need a strong social media presence. Whether you’re sharing daily tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, or Instagram photos, it’s important to be strategic with every word, hashtag, and photo you post. If you’re new to marketing or unsure if you’re sharing the right content, check out these super helpful rules for social media marketing.

1. Know your focus

It’s never a good idea to bite off more than you can chew. Create a clear-cut focus for your social media strategy. You want to know exactly what your goals are and how you will accomplish them with every post you share.

2. Find the trendsetters and disrupters

Know who is popular in your market and analyze their social media content. What’s working? What’s not? Try and craft their style into your own and test out how well it’s received. There’s no harm in experimenting different styles until you find one that is most true to your startup.

3. Be patient

It’s very rare to have overnight success and fame. Gaining traction and more followers takes time. So be patient with your social media marketing. If you notice that you are getting nowhere, no matter what you do, then you need to go back to square one and reassess your overall marketing strategy.

4. Acknowledgment goes a long way

Don’t hide behind your computer screen and ignore people who reach out to you on social media. Be responsive and friendly — sooner than later, you will start building relationships with interested customers. Happy customers are far more likely to spread the cheer if they feel appreciated by your support.

5. Share the work of others

It’s always a good idea to share up-and-coming work by other startups working on similar projects. Sharing their posts and calling attention to their awesome work will not only make them super excited that you’re taking notice, but they may reciprocate the marketing love for your posts in the future.

This list could definitely go on, but these are 5 pretty important rules that you should highly consider when creating and implementing your social media marketing plan.

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