5 Tips to be a Successful Young Entrepreneur

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At some point in our lives we all have at least one terrible boss that makes us think we can never work for someone again. A boss so bad that you and two other friends meet with Jamie Fox and devise a plan to kill your bosses. Wait, sorry, sometimes I get my life confused with the plot of Horrible Bosses. Anyways, if you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss and run a business, then we have a few ways to help you be the best entrepreneur you can be.

  1. Care about your work

Do you think Oprah Winfrey doesn’t love helping people? Do you think Bill Gates doesn’t love the Internet and minesweeper? Do you think Ben Franklin didn’t love flying kites with keys on them? These famous entrepreneurs LOVED doing these things and that’s what made them so successful. Don’t just worry about how full your wallet is, worry about how full your heart is. (Also, I’m sorry if that last sentence made you throw up.)

  1. Invest time in your company

If you’re serious about running a business then you might need to sacrifice some of your free time. Most entrepreneurs will tell you it’s worth it to invest time, even if it means you can no longer binge watch Shameless or spend hours watching people do food challenges on YouTube. Okay, maybe that last one is just me.

  1. Have a mentor and/or a role model

Have someone to look up to. Learn from those who have succeeded. And just as important, learn from those who have failed and picked themselves back up. Have someone you can go to with questions, advice, encouragement, and inspiration. You’ll find your Yoda, and one day you’ll be the best Jedi (aka entrepreneur) there ever was.

  1. Assemble your super team

Have 100% confidence that you can trust the women and men with whom you choose to build your company. Look for qualified and bright individuals, but make sure you want to work with each individual every day. Even though Anakin Skywalker was a talented Jedi, he was still denied the rank of master because the council couldn’t trust him … Okay, I promise that’s the last Star Wars reference.

  1. Never stop learning

Learn from your success, your failure, your mentors, and your mistakes. Never get to a point where you think you have learned everything. There are new lessons to learn every day, and if you find yourself in bed at night and can’t think of something you learned that day then just Google “animal facts.” By the way, did you know the peregrine falcon dives at 200 mph and is the fastest animal on the planet??

Being an entrepreneur is a difficult journey, but it’s certainly worth the time and effort. Keep the motivation to be successful, and may the force be with you. Always.

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