7 “Birds With Arms” GIFs that Perfectly Describe the Interview Process

Just when we think we can’t handle the brutal interviewing process any longer, we find these animated birds. They get it.

1. Looking for any job. Anything. Please.

2. Finding a company that’s actually hiring.

3. Walking into the interview with all the enthusiasm of a high-potential employee.

4. Showing off all of your mad skills during the interview… no matter what they are. Startups look for unique talent, right?

5. Walking out of the interview professionally, but as soon as you step out that door you can’t control your excitement. You you know you killed it.

6. Waiting to hear if you got the job.

7. Finding out you got the job, because of course you did. You rock. This is your moment and no one can take it from you.

Remember, it might be scary to start a new job but don’t worry, soon you’ll fit right into the company culture. Like these guys did:

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