Add Some Swag to Your Single Life

Raise your hand if you dread Valentines Day! Whether you’ve got a special someone or not, many of us feel the impending doom of Valentines Day. How will I spend the most “loving” day of the year? That’s right, by myself buried under 10,000 chocolate wrappers, watching a chick-flick that makes me cry every 5 seconds. And just to top it off, the glass of rosé I promised myself I would only sip has been refilled at least 3 times. But hey, it’s 2017, and we told ourselves at the crack of midnight on January 1 that this year would be different. And ladies, it is because SinglesSwag is about to revolutionize your single life and make it seem 10 times better than your best friend’s extravagant honeymoon to Thailand last year.

We had the chance to chat with Jonathan Beskin, the Founder and CEO of SinglesSwag. After sitting home alone, and pretty lonely, one night, Jonathan thought how nice it would be to receive a gift as a single guy. He figured out pretty quickly “that in addition to some serious logistical and operational challenges affiliated with two completely separate monthly box offerings, the primary consumers of subscription boxes are women.” So that’s what he rolled with—creating a handpicked, on-trend, full-size monthly subscription box for single ladies.

So how does Jonathan pick what goes in the boxes? Well he says, “We have a fab team of young single ladies that identify on-trend full-sized products they think our subscribers will enjoy and find useful. We take product procurement very seriously and do our best to feature fun, exciting, and useful products every month.” Customers have the option to select between 5-7 or 3-4 full-sized products every month, which changes the prices a bit depending on what package you choose and how many months you purchase at a time. Either way, start blasting Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” because as soon as you order a SinglesSwag box, your next month is going to be showered with some awesome bath and beauty products, fashion accessories, yummy food, best-selling books, and a few special surprises.

We wanted to ask Jonathan what advice he’d give to all of the young, entrepreneurs out there. He explained: “leverage social media. We have built a highly engaged community on Instagram (currently 100k+ followers) and have a growing presence on Facebook. Be willing to make sacrifices, I built this business with another full-time job working a total of more than 100 hours every week.” Pretty good advice, Jonathan—we couldn’t agree more!

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