How America’s Expensive Cities Still Attract Young Talent

Portland, San Francisco, Denver – Some of the most popular cities in America are still attracting young talent. How do they do it?

With housing prices skyrocketing and income not keeping pace, it is tough for folks to live in the cities that they love. However, that is not stopping people from trying. Denver has a steep real estate increase, but is also one of the best cities to live in throughout the U.S. San Francisco and Portland, Seattle and a handful of others also make the list.

So what are these pricey locations doing to get young people to move there:

They are providing a lifestyle that’s awesome

From access to the outdoors to bike lanes and award-winning restaurants, it is almost worth living and working in an expensive town to get to enjoy all the other benefits. Denver has access to the mountains, skiing, camping, mountain biking and one of the best beer scenes in the country. Events, sports, concerts at Red Rocks and other opportunities are what make the price tag worth it.

They are attracting top companies

The more a city gets the best places to work to headquarter or send a division, the more chances great talent will follow. Denver did this by recruiting top international names and, therefore, the talent that comes with them.

union-station-980887_960_720They understand work-life balance

Today’s largest workforce – Millennials – want work-life balance. They want both the employers and the locations that provide them the opportunity to live and work, not work-to-live. Top cities, no matter how expensive, give the best opportunity for work-life balance.

The champion innovation

It is time to do things differently and top cities know this. Innovative work spaces, innovative living spaces, community-mindedness and leisure are all at the top of cultural priorities. The cities that embrace and champion change will make it to the top of move-to list.

Why do you consider a city the best place to be, even if it means a higher price tag? What are you willing to trade? Talk to us @StarterNoise.


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