An App That Lets Your True Colors Show

"Polygram" "App"

Many of us feel content, if not a little overwhelmed, by checking all of our social media accounts. In order to do our due diligence, we need to check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. After that we may rinse and repeat by checking all of these apps again until we become bored and take a little break … only to repeat the never-ending cycle.

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What if I told you that another social media app may be entering the world and it’s a lot smarter than any other average social media app? Well that time may have arrived with Polygram. What’s this new app you ask? It’s an app-like platform that allows you to post photos but that’s not the end of it … it detects the facial expressions of your viewers’ faces. That’s right, it will tell you how your viewers reacted to your photo. Emotions of happiness, sadness, laughter, ect. will be detected and tallied up for you to see.

Not to mention, this app does one heck of a lot more than just put a pretty filter over your face. It has attraction enhancing features that help you appear more attractive to your viewers. Not too shabby huh? Better yet, it will tell you where your viewers are in the world and what reactions different genders had to your photo.

The app raised 2.1 million dollars in seed funding and went live late last week. Time will tell whether Polygram will prove successful, but for now, it’s a one of a kind app and revolutionizing the way we show our true colors when viewing social media posts.

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