Apple Unveils Brand Spankin New Emojis

We all love to include an emoji here or there when we text. Better yet, some of us love to have conversations using only emojis — that’s right, an entire conversation using no words and only emojis. I double dog dare you to give it a whirl and try it with your bestie right now. 😊 Kind of challenging, huh? Have no fear, Apple just unrolled some brand spankin new emojis!

So what awesome, new emojis can we expect to see by the end of this year? Brace yourselves, some of the emojis are #epic.

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And these are only a few of the hundreds of new emojis to hit our iPhones in the coming months. I don’t know what I’m most pumped about, the dinosaur or the barfing smiley face. The accuracy of our completely emoji conversations just shot out of this world.

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