You can join Arianna Huffington in Ending Burnout

There seems to always be moments of stress in each and every day, but is all of it considered bad stress? Think of it like good debt and bad debt when it comes to your financial life. Buying a home that will appreciate over time, and using a home mortgage to do so, would be good debt. Buying a new Rolex and financing it at the jewelry counter wouldn’t be the wisest choice. Luckily, Arianna Huffington has a plan to figure it out.

Moments of stress can be very useful such as the stress and fear for one’s safety. When your body jumps into overdrive, and you stop a child from running into a busy street, everyone involved is appreciative of your quick action! You can feel the rush through your body and your increased heart rate.

Other types of stress that we encounter often revolve around our careers, finances, and relationships. These topics more commonly bring up a negative response, or even worse, living in a state of unrest. Think of two hourglasses sitting on a table. If you were to measure your day as a total of approximately 16-18 waking hours, how much of that time would be in a neutral state of peace, and how much of that time would be in a state of stress or unrest?

Prolonged stress whirling around our daily routines and work life can often lead to burnout. The problem here is that most of our identity is wrapped around how we contribute to this world, and what we do for a living. The domino-effect can begin to happen when you hit rock bottom, burnout, and feel like your life is unraveling.

Burnout is the “Big B word” that Arianna Huffington, and Thrive Global, are working to avoid. The concept is that stress leads to burnout, and we can reduce and replace those with an increased emphasis on our health and well-being.

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Simple changes to the way we operate on a daily basis will begin to compound on top of one and other, and pretty soon, you will look back and see the major shifts that you’ve made for the better.

It is absolutely crucial to have a positive office culture, and then once you are in the office daily, to set yourself up for success, using “good stress” to your advantage, but always remembering those two hourglasses sitting on the table and making sure the majority of your day is spent in a state of flow.

Taking this one step further, Thrive Global is partnering with product manufacturers for at-home health and well-being reminders. When it comes to the appliances we use, our toothbrush, thermostat, bathroom mirror, or even the toilet – these are all things that in the coming months and years could give us gentle reminders as we build positive daily habits! What things are you putting in place to keep yourself accountable in reducing stress and staying well?

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