Back on the Slopes in 80s Style Fashion

Don’t worry, as the temperature starts to drop and you day-dream of playing hooky on the ski slopes, you will not have to worry about acquiring fashionable attention-getting attire any longer. Thanks to a recently successful Kickstarter, RacySuits will be on bodies and on the best ski runs in the country.

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The tight onesies are inspired by the ski fashion of the 1980s – think Olympic ski racers. They are sleek and made out of fun designed materials – like a party on your body.  Eighty-five backers pledged $23,383 on Kickstarter to make them more available nationwide. Just slighting over the $20,000 goal set by owner Marina Barnes. 




The suites are double-layered with zippers and pockets. They are fully lined for a flattering fit, and ultra-durable. You can race, party, ski, even surf in it, if you want, all with the comfortable curve hugging happening along the way.

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We love them. I want one. If you have a RacySuit share your photo with the #RacySuits hashtag and talk to us about your top ski-wear companies at @StarterNoise.

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