Because Voicemail Sucks

I came across this brilliant app today, No More Voicemail, and I can’t wait to try it!  It’s essentially an app that kills voicemail so callers have to text you instead. The concept is that it sends callers to a third party number that continues to ring and ring without giving the option for voicemail to pick up. The assumption is that if someone needs to get a hold of you, they will text you.

There are few things I hate more than listening to voicemails. They are rarely informative, just stating the obvious, which I can tell from my missed call.  If it’s a number I don’t recognize, I assume if they need to talk to me, they will call back or send a text or email.

I never leave voicemails for people unless it’s a service provider or vendor. I assume personal friends and family don’t want their voicemails filled with my voice saying, “Hi, please call me.” What’s the purpose of that?  My husband and I argue about this as he leaves me 5-6 voicemails a day saying nothing except please call me. Clearly I am aware he wants me to call him from his missed call. I’m hoping with this app, he will finally get the message and start texting me instead.  

I’m not the only one who is eliminating voicemail from her life.  Large corporations, including Coca-Cola and JP Morgan have gotten rid of voicemail completely for their employees.

I’m curious to see how others feel about leaving and listening to voicemails.  Are you in favor of killing your voicemail or do you look forward to listening to a live voice? Send your response to @StarterNoise, don’t leave me a message!

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