Bending The Rules And Changing The Smartphone Market

These days, our cell phones have become an extension of our bodies. No mater where you are, chances are, your phone is very close by—if not, it’s already in your hands. Our phones come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, and it seems like they keep getting bigger and bigger. Fitting them into your pant’s pockets can be a challenge and, if you’re like me than you misplace your cell on a daily basis. Well, your phone’s oversized and misplaced dilemma may be solved thanks to a brand new phone that is completely bendable and fits perfectly around your wrist.

Created by Moxi Group, a small startup in China, the phone features a flexible touchscreen that has the ability to be comfortably worn right around your wrist or straightforward, like any other smartphone. You’re probably wondering how this phone works and you should be, considering nothing like this currently exists on the market. Made out of graphene, the thinnest material in the world, the phone will be strong, flexible, and lightweight. Currently, Moxi Group has a prototype of the phone and is planning on releasing 100,000 devices to the market this year with a price tag of about $760.

If it sounds a little too good to be true, you’re right. There is one aspect of the phone that will not be attractive to many users—the models being released this year will only offer black and white screens. Moxi Group is working towards creating a color screen but unfortunately, the color screen phones won’t be available till 2018. Currently, Samsung, LG, and Apple are all working towards creating ‘bendable’ technologies but Moxi Group is the first to release.

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