Best Leadership Style For Startups

When launching a startup, you will be thrown several curveballs. And with each curveball, you’ll be watched by each member of your staff to see how you keep your cool and move forward. It is in these moments that your ability to be an effective leader will be most imperative to your startup’s growth and success. There are several leadership styles that work, but here are a few tips that stand the test of time—no matter the situation.

Be Adaptive 

Being adaptive is extremely important when leading your team. You can plan all you want, but there is always room for error. Whether we plan for it or not, we have rainy days when our startups are in their infancy stages. Although these bumps in the road may be overwhelming, it’s important to show your team that you are willing and able to jump over whatever hurdle is thrown your way. Show them that no matter the struggle, teamwork is essential to the overall success of the startup.

Be Aware

We all know what makes us happy, sad, stressed, upset … the list goes on. But just because we are self-aware, that doesn’t mean that we are always aware of what sparks emotions in others. When starting out, put your best foot forward by trying to bond with your staff as a team and with each individual. Understanding where each member comes from and what drives them to succeed is important when crafting tasks for your team. Getting a good idea of what everybody’s strengths and weaknesses are can prove especially useful.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Learning Something New

When you are “the boss,” it can seem as if your learning days are far-gone. Instead, people come to you for the answers. But let’s face it, we are human and therefore we are constantly learning and observing things around us. Don’t be afraid of taking a few risks and admitting to yourself that you may need to learn new skills. Your team will appreciate seeing you take initiative and challenge yourself and learn.

There are plenty of other characteristics that make a great leader, and with time, every leader discovers what traits and skills he or she must bring to the table in order to secure the success of his or her business. Have any other suggestions to add to this list about what makes a good leader for a startup Tweet @StarterNoise to let us know.

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