Best Podcasts To Understand what the Hell is Happening in the World

The world is a crazy place and most of us just don’t have the time to fully understand what is happening out there. If we are going to change the world through business and social entrepreneurship, however, we need to know what is going on. The best and brightest are studying culture and launching the businesses that will influence our culture on a large scale. It is time to shun the excuses and get in the know.

Here are some of the best podcasts out there to get a grip on news, current events, culture, business, startups and more.

VOX’s The Weeds is recommendation number one. Timely topics are discussed from angles that aren’t in the mainstream media, insightful commentary and a great descriptions happen all while keeping it fun and entertaining through casual conversation. The Weeds covers topics like Campaign Finance, Immigration, The Iowa Caucuses and more. These are the things affecting society right NOW!

Only have about 20 minutes and just want some quick facts on interesting current events? Try Slate’s The Gist. It’s funny, it’s quick and it’s all about what you will be probably end up talking about when you start a conversation with someone paying attention. And in 20 minutes, you can get some serious info by the time you get from Point A to Point B. Is Marijuana making you stupid? Find out on The Gist.

Okay, as an entrepreneur you probably want to know what successful entrepreneurs think, how they work and what they recommend. You can get that with the Mind Your Business podcast with host James Wedmore – a “seven-figure online entrepreneur”. This podcast is a serious look at what it takes to be successful – beyond hustle and hardwork. Mindset, attitude and a little magic in podcasts lasting from 25 minutes to over an hour. You can also try Startup Podcast which comes out irregularly, but is worth 30 minutes when it does release and is so highly rated in iTunes you basically can’t ignore it.

Want some serious inspiration? Get on the cutting edge of, well, anything, with TED. If you aren’t regularly enjoying a TED talk, you are behind the times when it comes to psychology, business, development, tech, and all other things. Make TED a regular part of your podcast intake.

Finally, find podcasts in your niche. If it is tech, fashion, culture, money, apps, marketing or anything else find someone talking about it and listen in. Get all the information you can. Get inspiration. Get motivation. It is all out there and you should be paying attention if you are going to make a difference.

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