Bonjour to the World’s Largest Startup Campus!

Bonjour to the world’s largest startup campus! Paris recently became home to Station F—a huge building dedicated to supporting startups in France. Thanks to French billionaire, Xavier Niel, an abandoned 1920’s freight depot has been renovated to create Station F.

So how big are we actually talking when we say Staion F is the ‘world’s largest startup campus’? Well, the building holds 3,000 desks, with the capability to house 1,000 startups … that means nearly 9,000 individuals will work at Station F on any given day.

Station F’s Director, Roxanne Varza, said “Our goal with Station F is not only to create the largest startup campus in the world but also create a space that houses an entire startup ecosystem under one roof.” …“It’s a truly ambitious international project that puts France and Europe at the forefront of the international startup map.”

Varza makes a great point, Station F does put France on the map for startups and will most likely grow international interest in French startups.

Would you sail west to be a part of Station F? Tweet @StarterNoise.

Kiki Koebel

Kiki Koebel

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Kiki Koebel

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