Bored? Here are Some Safe, Socially Distanced Things to Do When Stuck at Home.

If you’ve turned on the news recently, you’ve probably been inundated with stats on rising Covid-19 cases … pretty much everywhere. As we navigate this unusual holiday season, experts are encouraging everyone to follow social distancing measures issued by the CDC

You may be wondering how you will stay occupied while safe in-doors. Have no fear—I’ve got a great list of things you can do at home to keep you busy.

  1. Explore Mars thanks to a collaboration between WebVR Experiment, Google, and NASA.  
  2. Download a new podcast. Check out Time’s list of the best podcasts of 2020. 
  3. Learn about a variety of topics from the world’s top experts on MasterClass
  4. Get into shape this holiday season. Check out Goop’s list of best virtual workouts. 
  5. Add some zen into your life and meditate.
  6. Have a virtual happy-hour with your friends on Zoom
  7. Put together a puzzle. 
  8. Roll-up your sleeves and whip-up a delicious meal. 
  9. Learn something new and sign-up for one of Harvard’s free online classes. 
  10. Go to Disney World … virtually! 

This year has been a challenge and no one wants to sit idle during the holidays. But, keeping you and your family members safe should be everyone’s top priority. 

Check out these fun ways to keep yourself busy while social distancing at home, and let us know your favorites @StarterNoise

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