Break the Investment Code: Data Driven Anaylitics

If you are looking for the next big investment, take a cue from the app that just got funding from Mark Cuban – Fantasy Labs.

While fantasy football apps and games aren’t new, Fantasy Labs has secured funding for their app that is focused on providing data and analytics to fantasy football players. With 56.8 million people playing fantasy sports in the last 12 months, the audience is definitely there, but the thing that sets Fantasy Labs apart is their high-end numbers crunching. With the app players can make daily competitions more statistics based and less guess and luck. In an industry all about winning, information based apps and websites will likely explode.

The investment points to something that investors are looking for: Numbers as the basis of your venture. “Data and analytics” have become the code words for startups who are telling investors “We are taking what is already working to the next level.” Data and analytics are what will prove what has been happening in people’s imaginations and guts. Data and analytics will be where money goes while the next iteration of tech and social is formulating. Data and analytics for the whole gamut of software and customer interfaces is not the future, they are just this afternoon.

Mark Cuban knows it. Who else will be backing the data and analytics branch of startup companies? Are you ready to secure the funding they have waiting? Tell us about your startup so we can share the story here on StarterNoise.

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