Bring 9 Million People on Your Next Flight

We all love it. We are traveling through the airport, about to drop off our bags, mentally prepping for security, when we suddenly get upgraded. No striving on our part, just a fun little gift from the universe and a bit of unexpected comfort.

If you are like me, you take your upgrade and do your best not to waste it. You eat the food, drink the drinks, curl up in the reclining seat, cuddle up with the blanket and smile yourself to sleep.

But, if you are YouTube star Casey Neistat, you film the whole damn thing, make it awesome and show the world what one of the most luxurious plane rides in the world is like. Over 9 million people have watched and lived vicariously through Neistat in the last 48 hours. The luxury flight includes what you would expect – high quality food and beverage – but throws in a few things you don’t – like the bathroom. (I won’t spoil it, just watch . . . )

Want to be YouTube famous? Take your cues from this guy and maybe you’ll bring millions of people onto your next flight – at least digitally.

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