Noveto Has Us Waving Goodbye To Headphones


Noveto has the StarterNoise crew ready to wave goodbye to headphones.

Think about you in your favorite coffee shop with a hot cup of joe and your laptop, rocking through your workday. You plug in your headphones and zone out while listening to your favorite tunes.

This scenario is pretty much how most of us live our lives during the workweek. We thrive on burying ourselves into our work and isolating ourselves from the outside world — all by throwing in a couple of headphones. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could sit amongst others — without interrupting them one single bit — jam through your work, listen to music, a podcast, or join a Skype call without the need for headphones? It seems utterly bonkers to think this is even possible. But folks, it is, thanks to Noveto.

So how does Noveto do it? Simple. The technology provides a personalized sound system for your ears. By using a camera, Noveto creates sound bubbles around your ears. Don’t feel like you need to stay in one place either, the camera allows you to move around without disturbing others around you.

Imagine going to the gym — without headphones? Sitting on a plane — without headphones? Rocking out to your favorite tunes while walking down the street — without headphones?

Although Noveto is not on the market yet, you can expect it to make quite the ruckus. It is anticipated to be sold just under $300 — a small price to pay for your very own, personalized sound system.

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