Can Your Style of Jeans Make You Happier?

If they are skinny, then yes! Throw out your moms and boyfriends (the jeans, not the people). According to Qualtrics, a survey platform company, skinny jean wearers are 9% happier than the rest of us. They also are more likely to ride motorcycles, sit in the aisle of a plane, and use a PC over an Apple.

But, does that just mean that happier, more confident people are more likely to wear the skin-tight style, rather than the other way around?

One thing the survey failed to mention was the body size and other demographics of the people polled. A key, you would think, to understanding whether magically appearing confidence is a result of the jeans themselves or other environmental factors.
Maybe the real lesson here is that people who dress in a style that makes them feel comfortable and confident really become happier and more assured.

Research from Australia is trying to prove just that – a tie between the clothes you wear and your mood. A researcher from the University of Queensland studies how people wear clothing based on how they are feeling and to change their moods.
As for the skinny jeans theory, there is no single style of pants for everyone, something that is proved by the exhaustive process that is finding a new pair of jeans. So maybe it isn’t skinny jeans that create confidence, but rather any clothing choice that makes you feel your best.

Besides, they don’t seem to compare them to yoga pants, and while I love my skinnies as much as the next wearer, I can’t say they make me happier than a stretchy pair of yoga pants. At least with yoga pants, there’s no worrying if they will button or not after a large meal. That will always that bring a smile to my face!

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