Charities on the Front Lines and the Fight Against COVID-19

These charities are on the front line to bring COVID-19 relief.

Every single person has been affected in some way by COVID-19. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed or someone you know. Perhaps you or your partner has lost a job from the economic downturn. Maybe you’re homeschooling your child or unable to visit your elderly grandparent. No matter how you’ve been impacted—all of us are feeling the unraveling ramifications of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Although you may be feeling isolated, depressed or anxious, there are ways for you to give back and feel like you’re making a difference. Several organizations are on the front lines trying to help those most vulnerable. Below is a list of notable charities taking the extra step to ensure necessary resources are helping those most in need. 

Feeding America set up a COVID-19 Response Fund that is helping food banks across the country stay stocked with food. Many children who no longer receive meals through their school programs are receiving access to healthy meals thanks to generous donations made to Feeding America. 

Doctors Without Borders is assisting with aid in countries hit particularly hard by COVID-19.  Volunteers are working to strengthen infection controls in “hot spots” and maintain programming in 70 plus countries.

The Red Cross is accepting blood donations. 

Team Rubicon is assembling teams of veterans to provide services to those in need across the country. Teams are helping coordinate logistics for food-insecure populations and supporting vulnerable populations in quarantine.  

World Central Kitchen is preparing meals by chefs and delivering to those in need.  

Oxfam America is working both locally and globally to deliver clean water and sanitary products to refugees affected by COVID-19. 

This list is not exhaustive (and always do your research); there are hundreds of other charities you can give to right now. If you are able, please support those in greater need. We all need to consider chipping in to make a difference right now —no matter how large or small your donation may be.

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