Cisco Takes on World Peace


Homelessness is a serious problem affecting millions throughout the United States every single day. States like California and Washington are home to nearly one third of the nation’s homeless population. With such a large percentage taking home along the west coast, it should be no surprise that Cisco announced a $50 million donation to Destination: Home over the next five years.

Cisco hopes to eliminate homelessness in Santa Clara County, which is home to nearly 7,500 homeless individuals. And let’s be honest … $50 million is no small gift. In a statement, Destination: Home CEO Jennifer Loving said “We have said for a long time that it is up to all of us to end homelessness in our community. Cisco has fully embraced that concept, and is stepping up in a big way to provide the type of critical private sector leadership and substantial funding that is necessary to address this crisis head on.”

So how exactly will Cisco’s donation be used? Well, Destination: Home plans to disrupt and innovate homeless response systems, create new housing opportunities, and work on a client-centered system of care.

It is truly inspiring to see a large corporation step-up and try to make a difference in its community. Time will tell just how successful Cisco’s investment in Destination: Home will be, but either way, it’s a step in the right direction to creating a better home for all in the US.

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