Cleanliness is next to Godliness – Delivered

The subscription service industry is huge. People across the United States have everything from groceries to clothes delivered on the regular, often customized to suit diet, allergy, style and budget. I’ve dabbled in subscription services before and have been both disappointed and surprised, but never blown out of the water excited.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a link on a blog I follow directing readers to ePantry. The link promised lots of free stuff, which gets me every time. As I dug into this new box-on-my-front-step full of funtimes I discovered a whole lotta things that struck me –

ePantry has done more than make things convenient – which is why a lot of people use subscription services. Yes, they deliver stuff to your door, but they go beyond the minimum. First of all, they are a B-Corp, meaning their business model isn’t just profits, profits, profits. They are out to change something in the world. Their focus cause: The environment.

Household cleaners are often made out of destructive chemicals that can be irritating to the skin, bad for the water, even toxic to breathe. Seems strange that we call it clean when it might be causing harm, but that is the way cleaners have been made for years. The newest generation of cleaners and cleaning complements- like Seventh Generation, Method and Grove products – are made out of natural ingredients that aren’t harmful. These non-harmful products are what ePantry offers. But ePantry co -founder Stuart Landesberg and his colleagues new that convenience was key if they were going to get sustainable, environmentally friendly products into people’s hands, which is why they bring the products right up to your doorstep.

ePantry doesn’t stop at just delivering good products. They also offset the entire carbon footprint of your delivery, collaborate with companies doing great things and make it so your organic cotton dish towels don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The company offers basically anything you would need to buy for cleaning your house, cleaning your body, cleaning your baby or staying generally hygienic. That means toilet paper and tampons that are organic, baby diapers, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, dish towels and scrub brushes that are all made with sustainability in mind. Plus a lot of other stuff. The only thing I looked for that I buy regularly and couldn’t find on ePantry was contact lens solution, but, to be fair, I don’t know if anyone is making an environmentally friendly option of contact lens anything.  I mean, what would you do with a biodegradable lens case?

In 2014 the ePantry investor list looked like this (According to TechCrunch):

The investor list includes: John McAtee (VP at Google), Jeff Clarke (CEO of Kodak), Erik Blachford (Ex-CEO of Expedia/Terrapass), Cary Rosenzweig (former brand manager in charge of Tide, ex-IMVU CEO), Taek Kwon (Ex-CEO of Friendster), as well as several ex-TPG Capital colleagues and managing directors at TPG and Toro Investment Partners (where Landesberg previously worked), Fleming Corp., and others.

That isn’t exactly a shabby investor portfolio.

So what is it really like to do business with this socially-minded, environment-loving subscription service? Here’s my review:

My review

Here is what was in my first ePantry box:

Before my box even arrived I got an email that there might be a delay, so a $6 credit was added to my account. When I opened up the shipment there was a Grove Collaborative organic chia hydration lip balm sitting on top with a note that said “The best kind of gifts are surprise gifts!” (Dear ePantry, You are right!)

The box was perfectly packed – not an ounce of spillage or wastefulness. Even the air-pockets that kept everything safe say “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” on them. No styrofoam peanuts, no plastic tape.

The products, even the ones I have never tried, are all fantastic so far. I quickly disposed of my old sponge and replaced it with one of the two walnut sponges that were sent and are on my regular shipping order – meaning new sponges every two weeks, max. Yeah! I cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom and it sparkles like midday sun. My kitchen smells like a dream because the cleaner was aromatic, which is incredibly pleasant, and the cute towels they sent are already hanging up ready to take on my next mess.

ePantry way exceeded my expectations. My house is clean and smells like honeysuckle (Thanks to the Meyer’s Multi-Surface), my bathroom is so sparkly I just walk by and stare at it (Thanks to the Method anti-bacterial and toilet cleaners), the space under my sink is organized because ePantry sent a free organizing tote (not pictured) and my dishes are drying on an organic cotton towel that was a surprise upgrade!

Let’s face it, not all of us want to find somewhere to store 72 rolls of toilet paper or 4 gallons of window cleaner. Seems like just having it dropped off when you need it is the way to go.

Wanna try it? Here’s a link.

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