Clothing for the Future

So much is rapidly changing in the world of technology. Our phones, computers, and cars (just to name a few) are making decisions on their own and learning from interactions with their users (aka you!). But what if our clothes could be just as “tech-forward”? What if they could regulate our body temperatures from sensory technology? Brace yourselves because clothing from the future has arrived thanks to Omius.

StarterNoise was thrilled to chat with Gustavo Cadena, the CEO and CTO of Omius, about the awesome work his team is doing. We asked Cadena what inspired the launch of Omius and he explained: “Omius started in 2013, inspired by several episodes of thermal discomfort I experienced, caused by a lack of adaptable clothing. At that time I was living in France, and unlike my time in Mexico, I was walking a lot in cold weather and taking public transportation with a bunch of layers on me. I experienced for the first time how uncomfortable clothes could be at low temperatures, and I thought, if I go outside and everything is changing: my physical activity, the wind, the ambient temperature, sunlight, etc.. Why should I wear something that only has one function?”

Flash forward to today, and Omius has created a fashion line of adaptable, state-of-the-art technology that makes your clothing pretty dang smart. Basically, Omius clothing helps keep you warm or cool based on how your body temperature fluctuates. Still questioning how exactly these clothes look and how the technology works? No worries, Omius has a helpful FAQ page to cool off all your burning questions. (Yes, the pun was intended there.)

We wanted to know what it’s like to work for Omius, a small startup of 6 people located in Menlo Park, CA. Cadena said: “We are a relatively young group of people, from very different backgrounds, so I believe we have a very open atmosphere at work. We emphasize the importance of testing rather than just making new things. We are very hands-on, we are always prototyping, and testing new ideas to make the best possible product.”

So what can we expect to see from Omius in the future? Well they hope to share their product in stores and expand their clothing line to include different kinds of jackets. Better yet, they want to be able to sync your clothing with applications rather than just regulate thermal temperature.

We can’t wait to see how Omius revolutionizes the clothing industry! What are your thoughts on Omius? Tweet @StarterNoise.

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