This Company Took the Burn Out of Travel Gyms

All workout aficionados know that traveling can wreck havoc on your fitness schedule. If you don’t have a gym where you are staying, don’t know what route to run, and don’t have the weights you need it can be tough to stay on track. Forget about a quality workout while you are camping, and don’t even plan on making it interesting. If you do have access to a gym, you are going to get some gross, generic equipment that smells a little like the chlorine from the pool. (How did that happen!?)

With a lot of people focused on staying fit, no matter what, accessibility has become a huge industry. Apps have tried – and they can get you a ways, but equipment is heavy. You can’t pack weights in your carry on bag. That’s just silly.

Thousands of people have gotten behind the Kickstarter for MONKII BARS. A lightweight equipment system and app that lets users travel, get creative, find workout spots and actually ENJOY a workout, no matter where they happen to be. As they say, “Epic workouts anywhere you live, travel, run, dream.”

The original Kickstarter goal for MONKII BARS was $50,000. A pretty penny, for sure, but at the time of this writing and with only one weekend left for funding, the “world’s most versatile fitness device” has raised $806,636. Do the math on that. They are rolling in sweaty cash.

Photo courtesy MONKII BARS Kickstarter
Photo courtesy MONKII BARS Kickstarter

The $50k would have gotten them the cash flow to produce, but popping over $750k has allowed MONKII BARS to fund professionally crafted workout programs for users, additional colors and styles of the system, and some upgraded elements. (Side note: The funniest part of their Kickstarter Campaign is this description – Smaller than 2 Organic Bananas. Clever.)

There are only three days left, so good luck getting on the MONKII BARS bandwagon, but watch out for more fitness-friendly product systems on the market. People want convenience in their health plan and ridiculously successful campaigns like this one prove it. This one offered a well thought out system with all the bells and whistles. What will the next one hold?

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