D10e Conference – Kyiv, Ukraine, Anyone?

Any chance you’ll be finding yourself in Ukraine September 16 to the 19? If so, you’re in luck because D10e will be hosting another conference in Kyiv.

Never heard of D10e? It’s an event that plays on the theme of decentralization and innovative technologies—asking attendees to consider the possibilities of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized applications. D10e has held conferences all over the world including San Francisco, Amsterdam, Bucharest, and Tel Aviv.

If you plan on attending, you will have the opportunity to witness some world-class speakers including:

Brock Pierce: Cofounder and Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital

Crystal Rose-Pierce: Cofounder, Sensay

Mike Costache: Managing Partner, KrowdMentor

Naomi Brockwell: Founder and CEO, Rainsworth Productions

Jason Kind: CEO, Unsung

Jeremy Gardner: Founder, Blockchain Education Network

… And so many more!

You can purchase one day passes or get full conference access – so book your tickets now for this kickass event next month.

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Kiki Koebel

Kiki Koebel

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