Daily Wellness Tips We All Need To Be Practicing

Wellness—the key to a well-balanced life. These wellness tips are perfect for practicing daily. 

We all approach the topic of wellness in our own way. Some of us meditate or journal. Others exercise and eat a clean diet. And yet, there are some of us who discount wellness altogether—completely overwhelmed and annoyed by the mantra.

During a time of extreme stress for many—a pandemic, racial tension, and economic insecurity—many of us are feeling the weight of how uncertain and nerve-racking our lives have become. Whatever way you practice wellness (or don’t for that matter), here are few ways you can mix things up and add some small bits of wellness into your routine.

The Sun

Vitamin D is good for the soul. We all know that as living beings, we need sunlight for physiological reasons. Although too much sun exposure has been linked to skin cancer, premature aging, and eye damage, we could all use a little time in our day to step outside and let the sun shine down. 

Many of us are working-from-home and leaving the house only for necessities. Take a lunch break and go for a quick 30-minute walk or carve out some time in the morning or evening to sit outside and relax. Whatever you decide to do, make a commitment to yourself to get outside for a bit each day—your body will thank you. 

The Earth

This may seem a little ‘out there’ but grounding has become a fairly mainstream wellness practice after centuries of practice. It is what it sounds like, grounding to the earth. So go bare feet or press your hands into the ground, sand, or grass. It’s as simple as getting outside and sitting or standing barefoot for a few minutes each day. 

The Water

Has anyone ever told you to take a hot bath to relax or jump in a cold shower to wake-up?

Playing around with water temperatures can be a great way to energize the body while giving you some time to clear your head. If you’re looking to increase energy, better your mood, and sharpen focus, give this wellness tip a try. 

You don’t have to add anything crazy or over-the-top into your daily routine to make everything in your life feel a little more in-tune. These are three quick and easy ways to help relieve a bit of stress and add some balance into your life—so try adding a little sun, earth, and water. 

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