A Diamond Ring From Leonardo DiCaprio – Who Could Say No?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the price tags that hang from those rocks are definitely her worst enemy. However, a start-up in Santa Clara, California is revolutionizing the way diamonds are created and sold so that those dazzling stones don’t have to empty your pocketbook.

60aacfe738db87d5f99bb95c11cca5c7Launching their website in November of last year, the Diamond Foundry is introducing a new way to conceptualize the buying and selling of diamonds. It’s no mystery that diamonds have been associated with numerous human rights abuses and ethical issues. In hopes of lessening child labor, cartel smuggling, and environmental destruction, the Diamond Foundry has set forth to create an honest and reliable business.

With a growing staff of financial analysts, gemologists, scientists, and a team of investors, including Leonardo DiCaprio, the Diamond Foundry has successfully entered the diamond industry as a force to be reckoned. Within the first two weeks of opening, the startup sold over 150 diamonds and has raised about $100 million since its grand opening. Unlike other famous diamond companies, the Diamond Foundry can account for every single atom in its products—guaranteeing clients that their diamonds were created safely and ethically in California.

With a growing demand for eco-friendly jewelry, the Diamond Foundry offers beautiful stones to a wide range of cliental. So what would you choose, the real-deal or earth-minded diamonds? Tweet @StarterNoise using #blingbling to let us know what you think.


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