Do’s & Don’ts of Video Call Etiquette

Do’s and don’ts of video call etiquette.

As most organizations go remote, we’re spending a lot of our time on Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, Skype, Zoom, etc. And virtual meetings come with their own set of quirks and challenges.

These are our top tips to make video calling go smoothly during the transition from in-person to virtual meetings.

Test your audio and video ahead of time. 

This is an especially important tip if you’re logging in from a new computer or if you’re using a new software tool. When you start a video call, you’ll likely be met with several pop-ups asking for authorization to use and enable your microphone, video, etc. Do this ahead of time. Otherwise, the other meeting attendees will be waiting for you to get set up. And, if your audio or video fails to work, you can troubleshoot it on your own- instead of in front of all of the meeting attendees. Also, have you seen the video of the boss that accidentally turned on the potato filter during a virtual meeting? Check it out, it’s a hilarious incentive to figure out your setup ahead of time. 

Have proper lighting.

Poor lighting can have a significant effect on your video quality- potentially making it grainy, dark, or unwatchable. Also, avoid your face being lit from below to avoid any spooky-camp-counselor-at-a-bonfire vibes.

Mute yourself when you aren’t talking.

Even if you think you’re being quiet, microphones can pick up the most minor of background noises. Coughing, typing, even background noise like the dishwasher running or cars going by outside can distract from a meeting. 

Wear appropriate attire.

If you’re #teamnopants, more power to you- but so was Tony Russel, a man who accidentally revealed that he didn’t wear pants during an online meeting. No need to wear anything fancy if you don’t want to, but do choose something that you would feel comfortable wearing in a face-to-face meeting. 

Pay attention.

It’s easy to space out in a virtual meeting without the physical stimulators and in-person collaboration. But if you don’t stay tuned in, you can miss important pieces and make things even more drawn out. Also, it’s not that difficult for other attendees to notice that you’re totally zoned out, which just isn’t a good look. 

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