Yoga with Animals: Downward Dog with a Dog… or Goat.

Remember when yoga was just a mysterious far-East spiritual practice? Me either. Today my Instagram feed is full of fancy yoga poses, my digital advertisements are all for yoga pants that look like my state flag, and a huge portion of my social media invitations are for yoga-related events in non-yogi places like craft breweries and amphitheaters. And now we’re seeing a new trend: yoga with animals.

The western world has taken over the far-east practice and made it our own, complete with . . . animals?

Not dogs doing downward dog, though I am sure that is on the internet somewhere, but with actual animals that hang around your yoga mat.

Today, you can do yoga with chickens, kittens, puppies, even goats. That feel-good, sunshine from the heart feeling just got a whole lot easier to find! Kittens!!

and goats!!

and, yoga with chickens!

The logistics of animal yoga baffle me, but I am also more than willing to show up and see for myself. Combining the crazes of yoga and animal rescue and homesteading leaves everyone feeling good. This has to be on one of the rungs of enlightenment, don’t ya think?

Have you embraced the yogi lifestyle, complete with a cute pet? We want to know! Talk to us @StarterNoise! Where will the craze go next? We can’t wait to see . . . baby monkeys, anyone? Maybe at sea with dolphins . . . the possibilities are endless.

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