Dwellito: Changing the WFH Game

Have a mini-office delivered straight to your door with Dwellito.

Working from home is tough. And having a quiet, organized space to work in when you’re working remotely is even tougher. 

Even before COVID-19 coronavirus disrupted the workforce, remote work had gone from that rare unicorn of workforce arrangements to a relatively standard component of many businesses’ workweeks. Now, amongst a global pandemic, we’re entering the era of alternative workspaces, in which working from home is necessary.

Mastering the remote work lifestyle is about finding the right tools to stay productive, connected, and healthy. And Dwellito has a solution: mini-offices for those that need a legitimate work station.

Mainstream media recently taught us about “she sheds”– a space equivalent to a “man cave.” Well, she sheds and man caves can step aside because the newest productivity space has arrived, in the form of a startup sanctuary. 

Per its website, Dwellito is “a modular home marketplace that helps the process of finding and buying a prefab home online. We partner with manufacturers to find the best product and the best price. We believe in making great architecture affordable.” 

With Dwellito, you can give yourself a quiet place to work with a mini office next to your home. In 6 to 8 weeks, you could have a pre-built office delivered to your front door, starting at $9,000.

The mini-offices are made in a factory that produces prefabricated homes. Because Dwellito partners with manufacturers, the units are fully assembled in the factory, including electrical, roof, walls, and flooring.

According to maker Caleb Barclay (who is now working from home like many of us), Dwellito aims to create these home offices that are designed to meet 3 criteria: 

Bigger than a phone booth, enough to fit a desk.

Shipping under 8 weeks or less.

Price under $10k for most basic version.

Economic Benefits

There are economic and wellness-related benefits to having a mini-office as well. For starters, you’ll have no cost for the 30-second commute from your home to your mini-office, and you don’t have to pay rent. Not saying the initial cost is not a little steep, but it would be your own space!  Dwellito’s site also says that in most municipalities, you do not need a permit for under 100 square feet. That said, notes the site, it varies city-by-city so the best to give your city a call and ask about the allowances. 

Mental and Physical Wellness Benefits

There are also mental and overall wellness benefits to having a dedicated workspace other than the couch or your bed. Having a dedicated space creates a physical environment for productivity, helps set a necessary daily routine, and cuts out distractions and temptations (like the freshly baked goodies on your kitchen counter or the bingeable docuseries you know you could be watching on the couch).

Would you consider going all-in on a mini-office during this shift to an alternative workspace? Share your thoughts with @StarterNoise on Twitter and we’ll continue the conversation!

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