Embracing Multimedia in the Digital Age

We are all online. Between checking our email and updating our statuses on social media, we are constantly plugged into the digital world. 

Thanks to our constant scrolling, scanning, liking, and sending, many of us have developed a less than ideal attention span. In a study conducted by Microsoft, humans have been found to hold a shorter attention span than goldfish. Wondering how long we can stay focused? A meager eight seconds—four seconds shorter than two decades ago when humans could focus for a whopping 12 seconds. 

So, when planning to engage individuals online, you may need to refine your skills so you can quickly and easily get your point across while keeping people’s attention. 

One of the easiest ways to catch people’s eyes is to create well-developed multimedia content. Think about all the memes that have spread like wildfire in popularity. Catchy, entertaining videos and images will engage more individuals—which could mean more return on the product or service you are trying to promote. 

Most people engage with online content via their cell phones. It’s important to ensure any multimedia you create works well with small electronic screens. You don’t want people squinting or trying to process complicated written text. Try simplifying your content by streamlining any information into easy-to-read words. 

Remember, if a picture is worth a thousand words, the same can be true with videos. It’s no surprise that videos account for 60% of all internet traffic. Most people prefer to engage with new information by watching videos (versus reading lengthy text). 

Creating online videos allows you to engage viewers uniquely. Videos enable viewers to get to know you or your product much faster than other marketing tools. For example, by producing well-developed videos, you will gain a following, credibility, and familiarity from your viewers. 

Whether you like it or not, multimedia is one of the best ways to interact with individuals online. Embracing your online accounts and developing curated photos and videos will elevate your product. Tweet @StarterNoise to tell us how you embrace multimedia online.

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