Energy Levels Running Low? It May Be Time to Refuel.

Juggling our careers, family, friends, and health can be exhausting, and knowing when and how much energy you should be devoting to each part of your life can be downright draining. 

As you take a look at how much energy you have on a daily-basis, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you alert and focused?
  • Are you optimistic about your work productivity?
  • Do you have physical energy?
  • Do you have mental clarity?
  • Are you happy with your workload? 
  • Do you feel bogged down?

These are equally important questions to analyze when trying to figure out if you’re over-worked and need to refuel. If you feel like you could use some help with reallocating your energy, try to set well-thought-out intentions for your actions. 

For example, set intentions for each action you take. If you set forth to finish a work project, create smaller, attainable tasks that build up to the completion of the project. You’ll be setting yourself up for success and feel more accomplished.

Likewise, take time for you. Budget time in the day for meals, water, and small breaks. Keeping yourself fueled and hydrated will add to your overall productivity and help keep you focused. 

And, just as importantly, find time to exercise. Whether it’s a long walk, quick HIIT workout, or morning yoga, move your body. Exercising does a lot more than just help keep your physical body in shape, it also provides your mind a chance to rest and reflect. 

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