Movement of Selfies: But First, Let’s Take A Selfie

Let’s be honest, we all have taken numerous selfies so we can show the world how much fun we are having. But what if those selfies could be used to study people’s consumer habits or emotional life? Well, have no fear, a startup has already created a concept that does just that. Introducing, Pay Your Selfie, a startup that pays individuals $1 to post a selfie doing certain tasks.

So if you’re like me, then I’m sure you’re wondering … what’s the trade-off? Well with every selfie you submit to Pay Your Selfie (and get paid for), the startup takes your image and begins to study the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the photo. For example, they look at the day, time, and location of your photo and what your image says about you or the product you are sharing.

Here’s the way it works. First, a company asks Pay Your Selfie to gather selfies of individuals using their products. Companies pay-per-image fee for every selfie Pay Your Selfie collects. Once Pay Your Selfie gathers the photos, they are able to study the images and figure out ways to help companies improve their products and marketing. Although the startup isn’t disclosing any numbers yet, they do say that people using the app are millennials that tend to be savvy shoppers.

I guess it really is true when they say a picture is worth a million words. Think you’d give Pay Your Selfie a try? Tweet @StarterNoise to let us know!

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Photo Credit: Life&StyleMag
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