Forget the Flyers and Advertise Your Startup Online

Once you have your startup running, it’s time to put some energy towards advertising. Even if you don’t have a budget for gaining new customers, you can still take steps towards promoting your new company. As long as you have access to the internet (which we assume you do, since you’re reading this!), you have access to free promotional tools you can use to advertise your startup online. Keep reading to learn the basics.

Create Branding for your Startup

It’s important that your first step is to create a branding guide you and your staff can use. This includes the colors your company will use, a company logo in multiple shades, and the fonts your company will use in documents and online. If you can’t create them yourself, you can usually find a freelancer who will do it for an affordable price. Having this taken care of early on is essential, because the rest of the advertising you do for your company should use the branding.

Make Your Website Perfect

As you continue to use different platforms and websites to advertise your startup online, you’ll realize something: you’re always sending people back to your website. Whether it’s a Facebook page or a business card, your website needs to be featured. That’s why your website needs to be perfect. It doesn’t make sense to spend a bunch of time driving people back to your website if it’s not representing your startup properly. Make sure your site looks professional, features updated contact information, and is free of any glaring mistakes. Also find someone who can help you make sure your website’s search-engine optimization is up to par so people can find you through Google.

Create a Presence Across Social Media

Every business is different, so every business should choose their social media channels carefully. Don’t waste your time creating a profile for your startup on every single social media site. First of all, any business that wants to advertise should have a company profile on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. From there, choose additional social media sites based on your business. If you’re a photographer, make an account on Instagram. If you’re a musician, get a Soundcloud account. Just avoid creating too many, otherwise you won’t be able to keep them all updated.

Write a Blog for Your Website

Some people think having a blog isn’t necessary, but believe it or not it will help you drive more people to your website. When you write a startup blog, you can discuss popular topics within your industry that other professionals might be interested in reading. When they search online for articles about that topic, they may just end up on yours. The more you share your thoughts through a blog on your website, the better opportunity you have to find new visitors on your website. Luckily, we have an article about writing a startup blog.

Connect with Bloggers

Fostering relationships with bloggers and having them write about your company is a fantastic way to spread word-of-mouth about your new startup. Bloggers have an established audience who trust what they say, so it’s a great way to reach out to people who will take the time to learn about you. Try and find blogs that focus on your industry and get involved with them.

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