Friendsy: An Unoriginal Concept Capitalizing on Simplicity?

The newest Ivy League social networking tool has now officially been located at none other Princeton University. Princeton seniors Michael Pinsky and Vaidhy Murti have garnished 25,000 users and raised almost a quarter million dollars in funding for ‘Friendsy’– an app that is taking the old template of Facebook circa 2003 and breathing new life into the exclusivity of only having members with an ‘.edu’ email address. Murti’s creation of the company back in 2013 was initially prompted by the lack of universal accessibility to college students across the country. Murti maintains that ‘Friendsy’ is a platform open to any and all college students regardless of their school affiliation or geographic location.

Currently available on 40 campuses and at 1,600 colleges, ‘Friendsy’ keeps the social side of things as clean as possible by categorizing the requests from student to student as “Friendship”, “Hookup” or “Date”. Think Tinder meets Facebook while being presented as an app for iOS and Android interface.

So what do you think? Will students take the time to get familiar with yet another social networking app? Or does ‘Friendsy’ seem a bit all too familiar? Tweet yours thoughts to us @StarterNoise using the hashtag #Friendsy.

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