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There’s been a lot of talk about co-working spaces and the collaborative nature that unfolds while working at one. You get to sit down, hash out your work, and others are bound to stop by and tell you what they think. However, for those of us who are on the go or traveling frequently, but still enjoy working on a team, it can be difficult to get into a co-working space. No need to feel like you’re missing out because the startup, Collaborizm, may be a good fit.

Collaborizm is an online workspace geared towards freelance aspiring entrepreneurs, engineers, and creatives. Launched in 2016, Collaborizm allows users to network and share ideas online all over the world. Anyone is welcome to join the site, whether you are a budding professional or still in school. And if you’re in the market for earning some extra cash, there are opportunities to get involved in freelance gigs.  

According to their website, Collaborizm is big on diversity: “Collaborizm’s fundamental precept is diversity. We encourage a wide variety of project types to cultivate cross pollination in our community. It’s critical to Collaborizm. You will see we not only break up projects by category, but also by PURPOSE. Project Purpose can range from “Learning” to “Commercial”, and everything in between.”

So if you’re short on time or need some extra advice hashing through an idea of yours, check out Collaborizm. It’s a growing platform that has over 119,000 users to date.

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