Get Serious about Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

A diverse and inclusive workplace doesn’t happen on a whim—it happens on purpose. 

2020 was a challenging year and race relations have been on everyone’s mind—including company leaders. As we take a look at our workplaces, it is necessary that company leaders spend time to define diversity and understand how to be inclusive. 

Not only is it important to understand the difference between diversity and inclusion, but it is also critical to understand how diversity and inclusion must work together to create strong and progressive workplaces. 

True inclusion happens when company leaders build a workplace that is equipped with inclusive language, policies, recruitment, and resources. In Janet Stovall’s TED Talk “How to Get Serious about Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace,” Stovall dissects a three-part action plan for creating diverse and inclusive workplaces where people feel welcomed and accepted for their unassimilated, authentic selves. 

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