Get Your Liquor Delivered

I can’t count how many nights I have sat at home, exhausted, just wishing the wine bottle (or the whiskey bottle) wasn’t empty. Too tired to go out and grab something, I drifted off to sleep without a drop in my glass. [insert empathy here]

The founders of Drizly heard my cry! Denver residents can now get liquor delivered through the online and app based ordering system. A quick hop and a drink is in my glass within an hour. Feeling uninspired? The website also boasts some delicious classic and untraditional drink recipes so just the right ingredients can be ordered for the evening.

Beer? Check.

Wine? Of course.

Tequila? All yours.

Vodka? Yep.

Bourbon? Yes, please!

While Drizly helps get alcohol into my glass, at their heart they are really a tech company focusing on great content, personalization, speed and convenience. Angel and institutional investors have given the company $17.8 million in funding. While I can get a beer delivered in Denver, the Drizly website offers the following as their additional cities of operation: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Hoboken/Jersey City, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New Orleans, New York City, Providence, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington D.C.

Are you in a Drizly area? Into ordering your liquor for delivery? Talk to us about your common order @starternoise.

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