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My life has recently been taken over by the world of skincare. It all started while browsing Instagram. I found a niche pocket of photos where skincare lovers post photos peeking into their medicine cabinet. Shelves packed and neatly organized with creams, mists, and salves quickly became my obsession. It was not only my goal, but my duty to fill my bathroom with luxury products that will make my skin as soft as a baby.


It didn’t take much time before I noticed something stringing all of these photos together. A handful of cute pink tubes and tubs were popping up everywhere. After a quick Google search I found this brand to be Glossier. Upon first look at their website, I was absolutely enamored. Not only were these products the most aesthetically pleasing things I had ever laid my eyes on, but the website featured photos of real women with real faces. Imagine that! Girls that actually look like girls! The tagline of the company is “skin first, makeup second,” stressing the importance of taking care of yourself in a very real and easy way.

The company was created by Emily Weiss, a beauty blogger and CEO (or as she calls it, SHE-EO) of Into The Gloss. Her goal was to to create a brand that connected the consumer with the supplier. That engaged and challenged one another. It’s true, the people ask and Glossier responds. Just last week Glossier released a facial sunscreen that goes on clear and soaks into your skin like a serum. It was the most highly requested product, and Glossier came through with an incredible product.

It’s such a relief to finally have a brand headed by women for women, delivering the things that we actually need. No longer are we just applying what corporations tell us we need. Unlike companies that create products leaving you in dire need of buying more and more, Glossier products are built to last and nourish. I’ve gone on Glossier online shopping sprees, and I’m continuously impressed by the glow it leaves on my skin. There’s little that gets me as excited as a small pink box on my doorstep full of new skincare products, but more than anything, it’s exciting to support a business that supports me back.

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