Go Off the Menu and Eat Like a VIP

New companies are all about creating access. Businesses today are built on the idea that what was once unavailable, unapproachable or reserved for only the few can become a part of any person’s life with the quick tap of a screen. New industry removes hurdles to both the basic and the finer things in life, making people feel like they are in the know (regardless of how many people are in the know).

VIP status has widespread digital access, high-end couture becomes rentable apparel, and now the secret menus of your favorite restaurants are just an app tap away.

Whether you have been taking advantage of off menu items or had no clue they even existed, the Off the Menu and #hackthemenu movement is a combination of dedicated websites,  articles from eater.com, an American-Express sponsored category on the popular foodie website, and an app with info about what is available only to those who know to ask for it. The restaurants featured include nationwide chains like Starbucks, Chipotle and In-and-Out Burger as well as destination restaurants in LA, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and other major cities across America.

The comprehensive coverage of the Off the Menu app makes it appealing to both high-end foodies looking for personal experiences that aren’t part of the norm and those who simply want to try something new at their go-to fast food restaurant.  With the lists of the top secret menu items in major cities as well as access through the app, anyone can act like a regular – even if they’ve never been to the restaurant before.

Destination restaurants have secret items like Short Rib Agnolotti and Foie Gras and Croque Monsieur while restaurants like McDonalds has a secret burger menu and Chipotle has both ingredients not seen on the line and will make things like a Quesarito – where the tortilla shell for your burrito becomes a quesadilla-esque cheesey base for all of your favorite ingredients – if you know how to ask for it.

Do you #HacktheMenu? Give it a whirl and let us know what you discover by talking to us @StarterNoise

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