Have you heard THE TALK yet?

We’ve all gotten “the talk” … and I don’t mean THE TALK, I mean “the talk about not posting anything on social media you’ll regret in 10 years.” It’s been drilled into us time and time again … but let’s face it, every single time we log onto Facebook or open Instagram, we see one train wreck after another. Maybe we can control what we post about ourselves, but unfortunately, we can’t always dictate what others will post about us.

Take this video for example. Go ahead, click the link … you’ll see what I mean.  Now this is back from 2014 when I was giving a speech on Venture Capital and TomorrowVentures, but you’ll be able to check out my shaggy hair, ill fitting suit, random hand gestures, and constant use of the word “um.” This video has disaster written all over it.

Not all of us are “TED Talk ready speech givers,” but all of us should have a general idea of what to do and what not to do when giving a speech. Did you know that public speaking always tops the list for people’s biggest fears? Some of us love being the center of attention but many of us, when placed at a podium in front of a large group of people, shrink to the size of a pea in fear. Have no fear, there are ways you can make your speech giving abilities a reboot.

Here are some simple “DOs”

1. Arrive early and get a feel for the room

2. Leave any bad emotions or baggage at home

3. Dress nicely and classily

4. Smile … no one likes a person with resting bitch face

5. Walk with confidence

6. Know your space on the stage and own it

7. Connect with your audience with a joke or engaging “hook”

8. Know your speech and make eye contact

9. Speak as if you’re telling the greatest story ever told

10. Have a drink afterwards because you totally rocked it

Here are some simple “DON’Ts”

1. Roll out of bed and not shower

2. Let your first rundown of the speech be the ACTUAL SPEECH

3. Read off your notes

4. Embarrass specific people in the crowd

5. Draw attention to the fact that your nervous or terrible at giving speeches

6. Make political or religious jokes

7. Go way over the time allotted for you to speak

8. Talk about misinformed facts … (no one likes #fakenews)

9. Use big or clunky words

10. Fidget with your hair, clothes, or anything around you

Seriously, this list could go on and on. . .

Now that you’ve got the DOs & DON’Ts, here is some inspiration. Check out this badass list of some of our favorite speakers / speeches:

Ronald Reagan

Goldie Hawn


Eric Schmidt 

Margaret Thatcher 

Scooter Braun 

Howard Roarke 

Elizabeth Gilbert

Bluto from Animal House 

Maua Angelou 

Whether you’re a newbie to speech giving or a trained professional, we all need to brush up on our public speaking skills – we definitely don’t all need to be me circa 2014. Tweet us your favorite or worst public speaking moment @StarterNoise.

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash
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