Here’s How A Few Entrepreneurs Are Using Your Trash To Grow Food

I grew up in a home where we weren’t allowed to leave the dinner table until our plates were clean. Unfortunately, this scenario is rarely the norm and thousands of pounds of food are thrown away daily across America. So, how do we solve such a huge problem like food waste? Well, a California based company may be able to work towards a solution and help eliminate the problem.

California Safe Soil is a fresh food recycling business based in Sacramento, California. Basically, California Safe Soil takes organic food waste and creates a fertilizer, also known as H2H, that has been proven to grow more fruits and veggies with less water than other fertilizing options. The main goal of the company is to reduce trash-heavy landfills and decrease the sales of toxic fertilizer currently on the market.

Not only is this company doing something wonderful for our environment, it is also making a nice profit for itself and its investors. California Safe Soil recently partnered with KDC Agribusiness, a New Jersey based investment group that largely focuses on sustainability and environmental technologies. Both companies realize that spreading sustainable fertilizer across the country is a much slower process than creating an app for a new start-up. So by allowing KDC Ag to capitalize on California Safe Soil’s product and gain license to all its technology, California Safe Soil hopes that together the two companies can spread its new fertilizer and technologies to all corners of the Untied States.

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