High Schooler Makes his Mark: Meet the Youngest New Brand Strategist

Great design and a well crafted Brand story has the power to transform. Design holds the power to transform someone’s thinking, attitude, emotional state and feelings. It holds the power to influence the current outlook on the company, product, or service being presented. And, these transformations in the eye of the consumer can either be good, or bad. Have you ever experienced frustrating product packaging, or a non-responsive website with difficult navigation? We all have. And, we all have been spoiled by the attention to detail that companies such as Apple bring to this topic. Have you ever opened the box to a new iPhone? Simply hold the box in mid air, and the watch your shiny new iPhone descend from the heavens. It’s magical, and it immediately puts people in a positive emotional state, connecting those good feelings right back to Apple’s brand.

“Ok, I get it”, you might say. “Apple has the highest market capitalization of any publically traded company in the United States – of course they are good at branding! How can I apply this directly to my business?”

One high school student based out of Phoenix, Arizona is glad you asked. Mackenzie “Cody” Robertson, founder of Retrolection, is out to be your next brand strategist. We caught up with Cody on a telephone interview, and his outlook on changing the game for small business was inspiring. Cody has a background with 99Designs, but after quickly identifying flaws in the system, he discovered how he could offer much more than just quick logo design. Retrolection was created to provide a full-immersion experience in creating, designing, implementing, and strategizing for your company’s offerings. Cody has built systems to take you and your company from ‘zero to hero’, because, let’s be honest; you’re going to need more than a new logo to get this thing off the ground. From speaking as a panelist at House of Genius, to helping many Phoenix startups, to launching the STNLY Apparel site, Cody has carved his space into the world of design (while still in high school). He takes business inquiries on his website: www.Retrolection.com

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