How Cryptocurrency is Impacting Women

women & cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the global market. Thousands of people have invested in Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin (just to name a few). With such a large array of investors, one can’t help but wonder: what are the demographics of people investing in cryptocurrencies?

I don’t think that it will be a real shocker for me to tell you that the vast majority of Bitcoin investors are male. In fact, over 90% of investors are male and even more alarming, only 1.76% of Bitcoin users are female.

So what’s causing such a drastic lack of diversity in the Bitcoin market? Several factors. It’s no surprise that men out number women in the tech industry — only 5% of women own startups and only 7 percent of partners at top 100 venture capital firms are women.These raw, disturbing stats are just a peek into the lack of diversity in the tech industry. And this pattern rings true within the cryptocurrency market as well.

Although we have heard quite a bit of buzz about women taking large strides within the startup world, there is a long road ahead of us before there is equality and inclusion. It’s important for women to keep branching into these new tech hubs and making known their interest and intent on creating a lasting impact.

I encourage all women to start the conversation about cryptocurrencies with coworkers, friends, family, and investors. Become educated in the fluid developments and innovation of blockchain tech. There is no reason why this new field of currency cannot be equitable and achievable by both men and women.

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