How to be a Great (Young) Boss

Young people continue to revolutionize the startup world – their ideas, their drive, and their understanding of connectivity is completely changing the way people operate every day. Whether it is coming up with a new app, a new product, or disrupting traditional businesses, young people are making history as innovators.

While their ingenuity is a great asset to the startup world, their inexperience can be a detriment to keeping the right people around them on their way to success. I’ve seen entrepreneurs young and old fall into this category, but it is the young that might not even realize this as a weakness.

To the Young People:  To make your business a success, you have to learn to be a great leader, a team player, a cheerleader, critical thinker, and a driving force. These skills usually come from experience.

Don’t be a Dictator

Yes, it was your killer idea or moment of inspiration that has birthed that brand new startup, and potential forthcoming empire, but you don’t have to further prove your worth by being a leader that acts more like a dictator. People follow more closely, give more time and energy, and are willing to do more for those leaders who are decent humans with a relentless passion for their business.  Make sure to be a leader who recognizes other people’s triumphs and helps others succeed in the midst of the overall businesses success.

Make the Tough Decisions with help from a Mentor

A young entrepreneur will benefit from a strong mentorship relationship with someone that has enough experience to help them navigate through tough decisions. Decisions about focus, timelines, cutting or growing, scraping or evolving are hard enough to make, don’t further cloud the process by limiting the ideas on the table. Bring in experience, listen to wisdom, and understand what has worked in the past in order to influence the future.

Don’t be Afraid

Of failure, of success, of being wrong.  Pour yourself into your passion and get everything you can from the experience. That is what will make you a real success.


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